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1. Rubik's Revenge Solution - Top Bottom Edges
100.00 %
... TOP/BOTTOM EDGES: RED FACE Let's start by completing the Red Edges. The premise for this step is to find and move all appropriate edges, from the two center rows, up onto the Red Side of the cube. U... ...of the cube. If you run out of pieces on the two center rows: You will most likely find more on the bottom layer. If so, the fifth st... ...ep below will move bottom pieces up into the two center rows so that you can use steps 1 through 4 to properly place the pieces. It is also possible that all the Red Edges are actually on the top but ... ...e. Unfortunately fixing the Orange Side will actually temporarily mess up two of your completed Red Edges that you jus...
22.9 k

2. Rubik's Cube: Middle Layer
29.40 %
...nished the entire Top Layer of the cube you are ready to start solving the Middle Layer. The Middle Edges When you finish this next step your cube will look like this: Before we s... 3 possible scenarios you will face when tackling this middle row. To start, simply look at the 4 edges on the Bottom Layer and find one piece that does not belong on the Bottom Layer. Once... ... you have found one, simply rotate the Bottom Layer until you match one of these two possibilities as shown below, and follow the direction below the appropriate match: The third possibility is that ... ...a piece is already in place, but backwards, as shown below. Unless the piece is on the bottom row you will not be able to get it properly in place, so simply put a bogus piece, from the bottom row, in...
5.8 k

3. Rubik's Cube: Top Layer
28.33 %
...ellow/Red corner . Note: It is possible that the corner you are looking for is not presently on the bottom. If this is the case you ... ... and then come back to this corner last. Once you have found the piece you wanted, keep turning the bottom until the piece is in the bottom right-hand corner, dire... the Second Corner. Now you need to put the third piece in place. First, let's find it. Spin the bottom of the Rubik's Cube until you find the piece you want the Blue/Red/Green corner . Note... ...: It is possible that the corner you are looking for is not presently on the bottom. If this is the case you will need to jump to The Fourth Corner and then come back to this corner last. Once you ha...
15.8 k

4. Rubik's Revenge Solution - Bottom Corners
23.57 %
... Next, the Bottom Corners will be completed. This will require you to flip your cube upside down so that the semi-completed Orange side is facing up right, once again. This is a two step process. Fir... ...bottom layer that have Yellow on them. If they are next to each other, simply rotate the bottom until those two yellow corners are on the front side. If they are in their proper positions, you can pro... ...form the following step. If they are already in place, proceed to the next step . Finishing the Bottom Corners At this point, all 4 corners are in place but they probably are not properly rotated yet... .... This next step will require you to flip your cube over again, so that the Orange Side is on the bottom. Fortunately there is only one procedure to remember when orienting the Bottom Corners. Unfortu...
12.2 k

5. Rubik's Cube: Top Layer
22.22 %
...Now that you have completed the Top Corners, you are ready to position all of the Top Edges of your Rubik's Cube. The Top Edges When you are finished with this step of the solution, you will have a cu... that looks like this: The Four Top Edges You will need to find an edge piece that belongs on the top layer. So that you do not undo the hard work you accomplished in putting the top corners in pla... ...otate any of the sides of the cube while looking for these pieces. You are only allowed to spin the bottom layer or the middle layer. We now need to strategically position your foun... ...d piece. Spin either the bottom layer or the middle layer in order to position your found piece to match one of the 5 possible scenarios below. Follow the instructions below each scenario to properly ...
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