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... Main Cube Page « Login « Sidebar Georges Helm's Galleries GHG » Georges Helm's Cube Collection » Special Cubes » Other Special Puzzles Page: 1 2 Other Special Puzzles... ...03/07/07 Views: 1127 _special_09 Date: 03/07/07 Views: 768 Group of Olympic Cubes Date: 29/09/06 Views: 2805 _special_10 Date: 03/07/07 Views: 632 The 7x7x7 Olympic Cube by Mr Verdes Date: 29/09/06 ... ... by Hidetoshi Takeji Date: 19/12/06 Views: 1370 Trajber's Octahedron Date: 10/08/08 Views: 779 Dino Cube set from 1995 - boxed Date: 06/10/07 Views: 558 Dino Cub... ...- the 4 versions: original dino design, 2-color, 4-color and 6-color Date: 06/10/07 Views: 582 Dino Cube remake Date: 20/10/06 Views: 1264 4D81 Date: 07/08/09 Views: 44 4D82 Date: 07...
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... Slideshow for [b][color=#4BF70C]Group Pictures jin Date: 10/12/07 A standard Rubik's cube with cubesmith tiles, a Magic Domino made for me by Jin H Kim and a Floppy cube made for me by Katsuhiko Ok... ...e dominoes of early and later production, with and without boxes. Different packagings for licensed cubes Date: 30/01/... ...06 Different original packagings in which Rubik's Cubes with the b7w logo on the center white sticker were sold. Missing on the pic are the 2 UK packagings Pentangle and ITC Size comparison Date: 17/... ...03/06 Different sized 3x3 cubes. The biggest one is a fake cube - it's an assemble puzzle for small children, whereas the smallest one is in fact a 1x1x3 turning on one axis only. All the other are fu...
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...NX in the packaging sold by TOMY. Japanese Pyraminx Date: 03/09/07 Japanese Pyraminx Date: 03/09/07 Metallic Pyraminx Date: 07/08/06 Pyramid Puzzler Date: 21/0... ...nvented it was simply an interest, but worldwide success of the Rubik's Cube brought the Pyraminx into production. The Pyraminx has so far sold over 90 million copies world wide, making it the second ... ...- from Jerry Slocum Pyraminx Date: 01/06/05 with rounded tips Pyramid Cubes Date: 04/06/05 PYRAMID CUBE. A Pyraminx clone with different colours with its child Pyramid Cube Date: 04/06/05 PYRAMID CUB...
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