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1. [100.00 %]  Rubik's Revenge Solution - Top Bottom Edges
limit to, this path : cube/solutions/revenge/topbottomedges/
... TOP/BOTTOM EDGES: RED FACE Let's start by completing the Red Edges. The premise for this step is to find and move all appropriate edges, from the two center rows, up onto the Red Side of the cube. U... you can use steps 1 through 4 to properly place the pieces. It is also possible that all the Red Edges are actually on the top but ... ...ons. If so, use one of the steps 1-4 to put a bogus piece in it's place, thus forcing it out of the top position. STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5 ORANGE FACE: Now that the R... ...e. Unfortunately fixing the Orange Side will actually temporarily mess up two of your completed Red Edges that you jus...
2. [77.46 %]  Rubik's Cube: Top Layer
limit to, this path : cube/solutions/rubikscube/topedges/
...Now that you have completed the Top Corners, you are ready to position all of the Top Edges of your Rubik's Cube. The Top Edges When you are finished with this step of the solution, you will have a cu... that looks like this: The Four Top Edges You will need to find an edge piece that belongs on the top layer. So that you do not undo the hard work you accomplished in putting the top corners in pla... ...position that one piece. Repeat this process up to 4 time to place all 4 edge pieces on the top. When you have completely finished the top edges, you will be ready to SOLVE the Center Row. ...
3. [38.73 %]  Rubik's Cube: Middle Layer
limit to, this path : cube/solutions/rubikscube/centeredge/
...Now that you have finished the entire Top Layer of the cube you are ready to start solving the Middle Layer. The Middle Edges When you finish this next step your cube will look like this: Before we s... ...tart, rotate the top layer until the center colors on all 4 sides match the top row. This will in effect lock the two top rows into position. We're getting closer. Your cube should look like this: The... 3 possible scenarios you will face when tackling this middle row. To start, simply look at the 4 edges on the Bottom Layer and find one piece that does not belong on the Bottom Layer. Once... ...that you can use one of the two methods above to put it back in place. Repeat this process for each edge piece and you will have co...
4. [37.08 %]  Rubik's Cube: Top Layer
limit to, this path : cube/solutions/rubikscube/top/
...hat you have reviewed the Terminology section, you are ready to start solving the Rubik's Cube. The Top Corners I have based all of the pictures shown here, on the Rubik's Cube that I have. Your ... ...the case you may have to do some mental juggling to follow along. When this process is finished the top of your cube will look lik... ... solving the rest of the top corners of the Rubik's Cube also rely on that same assumption. The Top Center Piece Before we can continue you must move the appropriate Blue Center piece to the center t... ...below you will be able to position the Blue Center where it belongs: Let's now proceed to the other top corners. The Second Corner Bef...
5. [11.18 %]  Rubik's Revenge Solution - Bottom Corners
limit to, this path : cube/solutions/revenge/bottomcorners/
... will not necessarily match your cube. <img src= pat7.gif tppabs= The next step is to put the Bottom and Top Edges in place. ...


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