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1. [100.00 %]  Rubik's Revenge Solution - Side Edges
limit to, this path : cube/solutions/revenge/sideedges/
...... Spin the third column until you can position the next piece White/Yellow next to the White/Green piece as shown. This piece actually belongs below the White/Green piece also shown and this followi... ... the last piece Yellow/Blue next to the Yellow/White piece as shown. This piece actually belongs below the Yellow/Blue piece also shown and this following procedure will move it there. That's it, t... ...complete! THIRD ROW EDGES To start the Third Row, position your cube as shown and line up the White/Yellow edge so it is in place. Now rotate the entire cube backwards u... ...mples below. The procedure following each will complete all of the edges for you. You should now be done and can proceed to the Cente...


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