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Rubik's Revenge Solution - Top Centers (8.9 kb) Relevance : 100.00 %   
... Now for the Top Centers. When you finish this process your cube should look like this: NOTE: Gray stickers simply indicate that you need not be concerned with those pieces at this time. STEP 1 - Cen... ...the entire cube to the left one turn and repeat this process. You should have at least one Orange Center now in place. STEP 2 - Centers #2 - #4 This same step will be used to solve the other 3 Center ... ...Orange pieces. Before looking for the next Center, spin the entire cube in your hands one turn to the left. This will move the Just Finished piece out of its position so that we can put the next piece... ... in place. Rotate your cube using or until you can position an Orange Center in one of the 5 possible scenarios below. By following the moves next to the appropriate match, you will be able to correct... - last update : 2006-01-03
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