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Rubik's Cube: Bottom Corner Position (10.4 kb) Relevance : 100.00 %   
... Before we start the next section I want you to flip the Rubik's Cube upside down, so that the Blue face is facing down. We will work through the remaining steps this way. Positioning The Last Corner... ... layer that have ORANGE on them. It does not matter at this time which directions the ORANGE colors face. If the two ORANGE corners are next to each other then rotate ... ...the top layer until you can match your Rubik's Cube to the picture below. NOTE: If the Orange corners are diagonally across from each other you will need to skip to the diagonal procedure. NOTE: The a... be swapped, perform the following procedure. Finishing The Corners Spin the entire cube keeping the White Side Up until you can match one of the 7 patterns below. Don't concern yourself if your ye... - last update : 2006-01-03
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