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1. Rubik's Revenge Solution Guide
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  ... Welcome to the Rubik's Revenge Solution Guide. If you happen to have a Rubik's Revenge tucked away somewhere, pull it out, dust it off and prepare to actually solve it once and for all. The Rubik's ... ...Revenge hit the market in 1982, following in the footsteps of the Rubik's Pocket Cube and Rubik's Cube . It's popularity was not as intense as the Standard Rubik's Cube, but that may have been the fai... ...ling of a over saturated market. It seemed like everyone had a Rubik's Cube or one it the many Copy-Cat versions. I don't think anyone attempted to copy the Revenge, since I have only seen Real ones o... ...f with the all the symbols you will see on these pages. For those who are familiar with solving the Rubik's Cube or Pocket Cube, you may...
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