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...ation for the Magic Dodecahedron. The patent attorney Moll filed only a Gebrauchsmuster without giving any technical details. This did not have any consequences. My own patent application however join... ...andelow: Inside Rubik's Cube and beyond pages 87-88. Stickers of twelve different colors on black plastic. Sold as Megaminx by Tomy, USA. Hungarian Supernova French Date: 29/10/07 HUNGARIAN DODECAHEDR... ...ckers Magic Octahedron Date: 09/04/05 MAGIC OCTAHEDRON. Also sold as Star Puzzler . An octahedron of 58mm edge length is cut by twelve planes - four planes perpendicular to each of the three main axe... of these planes. Triangular stickers of eight different colors on black plastic. Made in Taiwan. Magic Octahedron Date: 09/07...
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