Now that you have reviewed the Terminology and successfully completed the Top Layer, you are ready to position the bottom corners.

At this time you only need to be concerned about making sure the bottom corners are in their proper locations. We will twist each corner in the Last Step to match all of the colors up.

Find the two corners on the bottom layer that have green on them. It does not matter at this time which directions the green colors face.

If the two green corners are next to each other then rotate the bottom layer until you can match your Pocket Cube to the picture below.

NOTE: If the green corners are diagonally across from each other
you will need to skip to the diagonal procedure.

If the corners are actually in their correct locations (even if their colors are not quite yet facing the correct directions), then this step is complete.

If they are actually backwards (in each other's positions) then perform the following procedure to swap them.


If the green corners were diagonally across from each other, you will need to rotate the bottom until the Bottom Left corner is actually in the correct position and then perform the following procedure to move the other green corner into its proper position.

The Other Two Corners

Once you properly position the green corners you will need to check the positions of the yellow corners. If they are in the proper place then you are finished positioning the bottom corners. If they need to be swapped, perform the following procedure.

When you have finished positioning the corners, you will
be ready to fully the bottom layer.